“A Very Funny, Outdoor, Pop-Up, Comedy-Show Party”

From One Thing L.A.:

For people who love laughing and homegrown performance, Surprise! is a monthly comedy show featuring three perfectly picked comics performing in ever-changing, outdoor venues, which, on August 29, will be a rooftop Downtown.

And it goes on:

One of the two hosts is Rob Buscemi, who the Chicago Tribune has called “clever and sophisticated, bordering on Andy Kaufmanesque—except Buscemi doesn’t take himself nearly as seriously”…. This man is hilarious in the smartest way, and his co-host, Sofiya Alexandra, has been named one of the 50 funniest women on Twitter.

“SURPRISE Comedy Yields An UnSurprisingly Good Time”

From Comedy Cake on June 30:

So, what’s the background of this backyard show? I had to ask.

“Sofiya and I met at a comedy show, and then we hit it off- decided to go to Happy Hour… And, we decided that a good show might be that we don’t announce lineups and that it’s a mystery comedy show…,” Robert Buscemi said.

And, this show has a following, literally. Also, unannounced was the next month’s show’s venue- because they don’t know yet; they never do, until last minute. Whew, that’s even “seat-of-the-pants” to the most right-brained of us. With 50 seats filled nearly every month, you’d think it was planned like a wedding. But, these fans stay glued to the show’s Facebook page and email list, for updates.

Surprise! Makes LAist List of “20 Things To Do In Los Angeles”

Of Surprise!, the LAist says:

Surprise! is an evening of mystery, comedy and cookies hosted by comedians Robert Buscemi and Sofiya Alexandra. At a different location each month, the duo guides guests through an undisclosed lineup of both veteran and up-and-coming comics. Past performers include Demetri Martin, Ron Funches, Cameron Esposito, Guy Branum, Matt Braunger, Jackie Kashian, Pete Holmes, Emo Phillips and Beth Stelling.

You can find out more about Surprise! by clicking here.