“SURPRISE Comedy Yields An UnSurprisingly Good Time”

From Comedy Cake on June 30:

So, what’s the background of this backyard show? I had to ask.

“Sofiya and I met at a comedy show, and then we hit it off- decided to go to Happy Hour… And, we decided that a good show might be that we don’t announce lineups and that it’s a mystery comedy show…,” Robert Buscemi said.

And, this show has a following, literally. Also, unannounced was the next month’s show’s venue- because they don’t know yet; they never do, until last minute. Whew, that’s even “seat-of-the-pants” to the most right-brained of us. With 50 seats filled nearly every month, you’d think it was planned like a wedding. But, these fans stay glued to the show’s Facebook page and email list, for updates.