Deal with It. I talk breast cancer details like fertility, chemo, surgery, and concrete ways you can help someone with an illness with comics Andy Erikson and Joleen Lunzer.

Unsafe Space. Live at The Improv, Kira Soltanovich and I do sets about Russia, then discuss it with serious people, journalist Peter Savodnik and USC professor Benjamin Graham.

The Bitch Seat. Live at Nerdmelt, I take a walk through my weird USSR childhood. I love this one.

Reality Bytes. I talk celebrity hall passes, giving gifts, big noses, with a sprinkle of cancer talk.

The Mostly Bull Market: Episode 55. Danny Lobell gets me to tell him my worst money mistakes like co-signing for a roommate’s phone bill in college and many more!

Viking Rocketship. I stan hard for vaping and hover boards and talk about moving to America.

Sorry, Please Continue. Live at Bird City Comedy Fest, I tell a story of tricking a guy into taking my virginity.

Friends Without Benefits. I talk Twitter and my favorite kind of jokes with my pal Jason Horton.

Left Hand Right Brain with JD Lopez, 52. I talk about getting illegally arrested at a protest and then winning a lawsuit against the Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, DC.

Put Your Hands Together: Episode 147. More standup on Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher’s dope show!

Put Your Hands Together: Episode 232. Standup on Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher’s dope show.